Downloading the Zing Application

How to download the ZING app:


  • The Zing Performance app will now begin to download to the device.
  • Once download is complete ‘open’ the app and login to your account.


How to download ZING Sessions app:

Note: We also have a ‘ZING Sessions’ app which is a lighter version of the ‘ZING’ app. This can be downloaded to your cell phone so that exercises can be completed on-the-go.

  • To download the ‘ZING Sessions’ app please go to your app/play store on your cell phone and search for ‘ZING Sessions’


How to download the ZING Games app:

  • To download the Zing Games app onto tablet/windows/mac then you need to go to click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button under ZING GAMES and select the option which matches your device.