What should I do if the Tobii Eye Tracking bar will not connect / is not recognized?

  • Make sure the current USB port you are using is operational and try others.
  • Use direct USB connection into the computer instead of using a USB hub to ensure enough power reaches the Tobii Eye Tracking bar to function.

  • Check that any USB adapters are functioning before trying to connect the Tobii Eye Tracking bar to your computer. For example, if using a USB-C adapter with a Mac, check that it works.

  • Check that the Zing Eye Tracking Tobii Service Setup has been installed with administrator privileges (if on Windows) or super user privileges (if on Mac) - see Technical Setup Guide for more details.

  • Check that you have gone through the Technical Setup Guide and all installation steps with the provided screenshots and video help.

  • Try restarting your computer with the Tobii Eye Tracking bar disconnected and reconnect it again once you have logged back into your computer.

  • If you continue to have difficulties then please contact Zing Performance via a support ticket.