Zing Program User Instructions

Program Instructions

Zing Program User Instructions

The following instructions give you all the information that you need to follow the program and use the Zing Performance App.

Program Guidelines

  • Exercises must only be performed by the individual who they are provided for.
  • Two exercise sessions must be completed every day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening).
  • Each exercise session consists of 2 different exercises.
  • Exercises sessions should be completed at least 4 hours apart if possible.
  • Exercises should be carried out no less than 1 hour before bedtime as they may affect sleeping patterns.
  • Exercises should be performed in a quiet, distraction free environment.
  • Exercises should be performed with as much effort and control as possible.
  • Whenever possible the exercises should be supervised by an appropriate adult.
  • The app will guide you through each exercise using; audio instruction, text instructions, and an avatar demonstrating how to perform it.
  • Exercises should be rated accurately when they have been completed.

App Guidelines

  • Login to the app to access your exercises (it can be downloaded on; iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, Android tablet, Kindle tablet, Windows, or Mac).
  • Click the ‘begin’ button on the home screen to start the exercises.
  • Full audio and visual instructions will be provided.
  • An avatar will demonstrate each part of the exercise before you begin.
  • When the exercise is complete the level of difficulty should be rated.
  • You will be asked to complete an Insight assessment every 30 days.
  • Please contact your Zing coach if you need any help or support.